The Generation Business designs training programs and learning materials to suit clients’ specific needs. We also train internal staff to deliver this training (Train the Trainer) or bring in our own external trainers to deliver programs. We customise training programs to reflect your organisational systems, processes and language. Examples of training programs, designed and delivered by The Generation Business include:

■ The Manager as Coach

■ Addressing People Performance Challenges

■ Building a Learning and Performance Culture

■ Organisational Planning for Community Service Sector

■ High Trust Team


The Generation Business has extensive experience in working with teams with a range of needs and at all stages of development. Moira is an accreditated facilitator of Team Management Systems tools.

We design and deliver activities to support:

   newly forming teams

   teams with new initiatives/changes to implement

   teams struggling with performance and

   teams in conflict


At The Generation Business we believe that an investment in coaching and mentoring achieves faster and more targeted performance improvement and development than most other forms of professional development. For many senior leaders, it is simply the need to have support and guidance that is external to the business.

We provide face-to-face, telephone and email coaching services to senior executives, managers and individuals with specific support or development needs. We help people recast their careers and move out of unsatisfying roles and careers that no longer engage them.

Moira has a special interest in enabling women to achieve the positional level they so often deserve. She works with women at all stages in life to identify the careers they aspire to and works with them to plan for and manage their multiple demands. She has recently completed a project that involved the design and delivery (across the State of Queensland) of a program called Enhancing the Careers of Women in Government. This program was rated very high by the majority of the 200 women who attended. The average evaluation score was 4.5 out of a maximum score of 5.